Selected talks

Design for gender equity in technology
Northwestern University, 2018
DePaul University, 2018
World Bank, 2018
Google I/O, 2018
IIT Bombay, 2018
ITU Pakistan, 2018
United Nations, 2018
Global UX, 2017

Design for autonomy and fairness of new technology users in the Global South
Cornell University, 2018
University of Colorado, Boulder 2018
University of Michigan, 2018
Carnegie Mellon University, 2018
Georgia Tech, 2018
University of Southern California, 2018

Building for the Next Billion Users: panel
Google I/O, 2018 [Video]

Designing for the Next Billion Users: Accessibility UX Insights from Emerging Markets
Google I/O, 2017

Designing for human systems in resource-constrained areas
UC Berkeley iSchool, 2017
MIT Media Lab, 2017

Embracing infrastructure constraints in the Global South
UC Berkeley ICTD, 2017
BayCHI, 2017
Georgia Tech GVU, 2017
Stanford HCI, 2017

Technology research in emerging markets
UC Berkeley ICTD, 2017
Georgia Tech ICTD, 2017
Google ICTD workshop, 2016
DePaul University, 2016
ITAM Mexico, 2015
Inaugural HCI lecture at Kofi Annan Center, Ghana, 2012

Enabling access in India and Ghana
University of Michigan, 2016

Research in resource-constrained environments
Google I/O, 2016

The 6C framework for product design in emerging markets
Google I/O, 2015

Designing mobile technologies for social impact
Liberation Technologies seminar @ Stanford, 2013