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Sample publications:

Sambasivan, N., Lee, P., Hecht, G., Aoki, P.M., Carrera, M.-I., Chen, J.,  Youssefmir, M., Cohn, D.P.,  Kruskall, P.,  Wetchler,  E. and Larssen, A.T.
SmartBrowse: Design and Evaluation of a Mobile Data Price Transparency Tool for Mobile Web Use.
ITID journal 2015 (also at ICTD 2013) Best of” ICTD issue

Sambasivan, N., Cutrell, E., Weber, J.S.
Designing a Phone Broadcasting System for Urban Sex Workers in India.
CHI 2011. Best of CHI honourable mention

Sambasivan, N., Cutrell, E., Toyama, K. and Nardi, B.
Intermediated Technology Use in Developing Communities.
CHI 2010. Best of CHI honourable mention

Sambasivan, N. and Aoki, P.
Imagined Connectivities: Synthesized Conceptions of Public Wi-Fi in Urban India.
CHI 2017.